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(Italiano) Coppa Natale 2019

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Capri-Napoli 2020 – registration is open

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20 September 2019: registration is now open for the 2020 promotional competitions scheduled for 26 June and 10 July…

Are you ready for a new challenge?

Click here!



Official award ceremony 2019

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8 September 2019: This morning the official awarding of the Capri-Naples was held.

The swimmers were welcomed in the splendid setting of Castel dell’Ovo which dominates the Gulf of Naples.

Here are all the winners:

Trophy “Farmacosmo”, overall winner: Andrea Bianchi (ITA)

Trophy “Farmacosmo”, overall female winner: Barbara Pozzobon (ITA)

CONI CAMPANIA Trophy “Giulio Travaglio”, best Italian swimmer: Andrea Bianchi

Trophy “Filippo Calvino” best under 25: Francesco Ghettini (ITA)

Trophy “Partenope”, best Neapolitan: Marco Magliocca

A fantastic edition, with exceptional performances, which ends in an exceptional location such as the Castel dell’OVO, giving the appointment to the 55th edition.

Here the complete results.

Here the FINA Ultramarathon final ranking.


Final results

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7 September 2019: The complete results of the 54th edition:


MEN: 1) Bianchi (Ita); 2) Ghettini  (Ita ); 3) Pop Acev (Mkd )

WOMEN: 1) Pozzobon (Ita); 2) Franco (Ita); 3) Imwinkelried (Arg)

Here the complete results


Winners 2019

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September 7, 2019:

Winner of the 54th edition: Andrea Bianchi (ITA)

Second place: Francesco Ghettini (ITA)

Third place: Evgenij Pop Acev (MKD)


winner of the 54th edition: Barbara Pozzobon (ITA)

Second place: Alice Franco (ITA)

Third place: Romina Imwinkelried (ARG)

The complete results will follow


The 53th edition has started

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7 September 2019: at 10.42 the 54th edition of the Capri-Naples began.

23 athletes competing from 7 countries.

Info, photos and videos on the social channels of the event:

FACEBOOK: @caprinapolimarathon

TWITTER: @ caprinapoli54

INSTAGRAM: caprinapoli_official

The highlights of the race will be visible on TeleCapriSport in streaming on the facebook page: @TELECAPRISPORT


The eve of the race

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6 September 2019: Intense morning with the technical meeting, to illustrate to the athletes all the details of the route and the regulations.

To follow, the last official training sessions at the Circolo Canottieri Napoli.

Again, the official presentation at the Gran Caffè Gambrinus. The event was preceded by the presentation of the book by Maurizio Castagna: The Great Marathon Capri-Naples published by Magenes.

Relaxing afternoon.

Tomorrow the official race starts at 10.15 am from Le Ondine Beach Club of Marina Grande in Capri, with all the information, photos and live images from the race available on the official website and the official facebook and twitter channels.

Arrival of the competition visible from the Naples seafront in Via Nazario Sauro with the finish line placed at Molosiglio, in the waters in front of the Circolo Canottieri Napoli.

The highlights of the race will be visible on TeleCapriSport streaming on the facebook page: @TELECAPRISPORT

All the info, from the start, on the social pages of the event:

FACEBOOK: @caprinapolimarathon

TWITTER: caprinapoli54

INSTAGRAM: caprinapoli_official

Stay tuned …

Here the starting list


Day in Capri

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5 September 2019: day in Capri for athletes engaged on Sunday at the capri-napoli.

Once in Capri, the swimmers moved from Marina Grande to the Municipality of Capri.

First appointment with the greeting of the Mayor Marino Lembo, at the Municipality of Capri, thanks to whose support the swimmers were able to enjoy an entire day in one of the pearls of the Mediterranean.

Then the traditional photo in “Piazzetta”.

In the afternoon training sessions at the historic starting point at Le Ondine Beach Club and, before returning to Naples, a tour of the island by boat, to admire all the beauties of Capri from the sea: such as the Blue Grotto and the Faraglioni.

Tomorrow technical meeting and the official presentation at the historic Gambrinus cafe.


The swimmers have arrived in Naples

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4 September 2019: swimmers enrolled in the 54th edition of the Capri-Naples  are arriving in Naples. The race, final stage of the FINA Utramarathon Swim Series is scheduled for Saturday 7 September with departure from Le Ondine Beach Club in Capri at 10.15 am and arrival at 4.30 pm at Circolo Canottieri Naples, after swimming 36 km in the Gulf of Naples.

25 swimmers, 15 men and 10 women from 9 countries and 3 continents.

The Italian champion Edoardo Stochino (FFOO) leads the Italian group in the race. Next to him, Francesco Ghettini (Navy), winner of the last Capri-Naples. Among women, challenge at the top between Barbara Pozzobon (FFOO), also world champion 2018 and 2019 and winner of the last Capri-Naples and Alice Franco (Army), second in the ranking and already winner of the Capri-Naples in 2015.

Then came the winners of the previous 2016 and 2015 editions, respectively Evgenij Pop Acev (MKD) and Damian Blaum (ARG),  while for women Pilar Geijo (ARG), winner in 2011 and 2016.

Tomorrow, a day in Capri with the presentation of the event to the Municipality of Capri that support the event, with training sessions at Marina Grande at the location of the official start: Le Ondine Beach Club.


2019 edition presented

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September 3, 2019: The 54th edition of the Capri-Naples was presented this morning, final stage of the FINA Ultramarathon Swim Series 2019.

The conference was held at the Municipality of Naples. At the speakers table, in addition to the President of the Organizing Committee Luciano Cotena, also the Councilor for sport of the Municipality of Naples Ciro Borriello, the President of the Campania FIN Paolo Trapanese, the President of CONI Campania Sergio Roncelli and the technical guide of the FFOO Napoli Luca Piscopo.

Representing the registered swimmers, one of the competing swimmers, the Neapolitan Marco Magliocca of the C.N. Posillipo, who arrives at his second participation, with the coach Rosario Castellano who has great experience at the crossing, having swum for 7 times.

Then, all the trophies were presented, starting with the main one, the Farmacosmo trophy, reserved for the winner and the winner of the 2019 edition. Again the best Italian athlete trophy that CONI wanted to call “Giulio Travaglio” and , again, the “Filippo Calvino” trophy for the best young man under 21 and the “Partenope” trophy for the best Neapolitan in the race.

The starting list of the 2019 protagonists was then unveiled, with many super bigs at the start. At the start 25 athletes (15 men and 10 women) from 9 countries.

Here the official brochure

Here the starting list


6th September 2020
Capri-Napoli 55th edition
official competition
67 years: 1954-2020

Capri-Napoli 2019

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