Luciano Cotena in the hall of fame

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October 9th 2018: Historical day for Italian open water swimming. The International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame has decided to induct the organizer of the Capri-Naples, Luciano Cotena, into its world gallery. The announcement came from the committee, which has also made official the other names of the bottom swimming figures that will be included in the Hall of Fame: among these there are two swimmers like the German Thomas Lurz and the Brazilian Ana Marcela Cuhna, the latter winner of the Capri-Naples in 2014 and 2017.

The real enrollment ceremony in the Hall of Fame will take place on 9th March in Australia, where all the personalities of swimming (in the pool and open water) will be invited to receive the recognition.

Satisfaction in the words of Luciano Cotena: “This is a very important recognition, which repays these years of sacrifice, started with the bet to bring the Capri-Naples to great levels and continue with a series of satisfactions related to my activity as an organizer. I thank the International Marathon Swimming who proposed me as a new member of the Hall of Fame and I am honored to see my name joined together with great swimming, among whom I like to remember my friend Giulio Travaglio and the unforgettable Lello Barbuto ” .

Here the recognition


Capri-Napoli 2019

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September 25, 2018: with the 2018 edition, practically just ended, also in relation to the large number of requests that have already arrived, the registrations for the non-competitive race are now re-opened. Competition that, at the moment, is scheduled for July 12, 2019 with another possible date (TBC) on July 29, 2019.

In relation to the number of requests that will be received, the C.O. reserves the right to set a further date for the end of June.

The Organizing Committee fixes in 15 (between SOLO and RELAYS) for each date, the limit number of spots for each competition.

Click here to register.



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22 September 2018: with the solo crossing of Gaia Naldini, the 53rd edition of the Capri-Naples officially closes.

Surely another fantastic edition, started with the children in April and May, continued with many exciting collateral moments that have celebrated the best, completed with the two unofficial competitions on June and July until to reach the official race and ended with the exciting test of Gaia Naldini. that have brought the images of the Gulf of Naples to the whole world …

Thanks to all the athletes for the excellent performances, from the youngest athletes to the masters passing through the champions of the discipline …

Thanks to all the sponsors who supported the edition, in particular to Farmacosmo, which was a precious partner …

Thanks to all the official locations that hosted the various events of the 2018 edition …

Thanks to those who have ensured ground logistics and safety at sea …

Thanks to the media partners who have contributed to disseminating, in Italy and in the world, all the crucial moments of the event …

Thanks to all the national federations involved …

Thanks to all those who have followed us in different ways …

Thanks to all the old fans and newcomers …

See you in 2019 with the 54th edition.

Enjoy the final video here


The challenge: Gaia Naldini

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20 September 2018: Gaia Naldini, the former European and world champion, won a double challenge, completing the solo Capri-Napoli with a time of 8h 59 ’20. The one linked to the most beautiful and difficult crossing in the world for the swimmers in open water and the other side for promote a fundraising campaign to donate to the Ieo-Ccm foundation, fundraising linked to an initiative promoted by the European Institute of Oncology.


The challenge: Gaia Naldini

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17 September 2018: The most fascinating crossing swimming in the world in the panorama of open water swimming; an Italian, European and world champion; a social purpose for the purpose of raising funds for the fight against cancer. It is a mix of emotions and good intentions that will characterize the test of Gaia Naldini, who will swim at Capri-Naples on Wednesday 19 September.

A sporting project, to conclude the test that only ten days before saw the world’s strongest talents face up, but also a social message: Naldini in fact will face the crossing especially to promote the fund raising in favor of the Ieo-Ccm foundation, which will run the proceeds of this initiative to the European Institute of Oncology.


Official award ceremony 2018

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September 10th 2018: This morning the official awarding of the Capri-Napoli was held.

The swimmers were welcomed in the splendid setting of the Jemming – Resort & Spa that dominates the Gulf of Naples from above.

Here are all the winners:

Trofeo “Farmacosmo”, absolute winner, to Francesco Ghettini (ITA)

Trofeo “Farmacosmo”, absolute female winner, to Barbara Pozzobon (ITA)

Trophy “Giulio Travaglio”, best Italian, to Francesco Ghettini

Trophy “Filippo Calvino”, best under 25, to Francesco Ghettini (ITA)

Trofeo “Partenope”, best Neapolitan, to Marco Magliocca

A fantastic edition, with exceptional performances, that ends in an exceptional location like the Jemming – Resort & Spa, giving the appointment to the next edition.

Here the final results.


2018 Final Results

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9 September 2018: The complete results of the 53rd edition of the Capri-Naples:

MEN: 1) Ghettini  (Ita ); 2) Pop Acev (Mkd ); 3) Bottelier (Ned )

WOMEN: 1) Pozzobon (Ita) 2) Franco (Ita) 3) Geijo (Arg)

Here the complete results


Winners 2018

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9 September 2018:

Winner of the 53rd edition of the Capri-Naples: GHETTINI (ITA)

Second place: POP ACEV (MKD)

Third place: BOTTELIER (NED)


winner of the 53th edition of the Capri-Naples: POZZOBON (ITA)

Second place: FRANCO (ITA)

Third place: GEIJO (ARG)

Full results will follow


the 53rd edition has started

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9 September 2018: at 10.40 the 53rd edition of Capri-Napoli has just started.

20 athletes competing from 10 countries, with defections in the last hours of Vicenia Navarro (VEN), Ilaria Raimondi (ITA) and Elena Lionello (ITA).

Info, photos and videos on the social channels of the event:

FACEBOOK: @caprinapolimarathon

TWITTER: @caprinapoli54

The salient images of the competition will be visible in streaming on the facebook page: @telecaprisport.it


The eve of the race

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courtesy photo: S. Furbatto


September, 8th 2018. Intense morning with the technical meeting to show the athletes all the details of the race course and the regulations.

Following, latest official training at the Circolo Canottieri Napoli.

Still, a good-bye toast in the “good living room” of the city of Naples, at cafè Gambrinus.

Afternoon to relax.

Tomorrow the official race starting at 10.15 am from Le Ondine Beach Club of Marina Grande in Capri, with all the information, photos and live images from the race available on the official website and the official facebook and twitter channels.

Arrival of the competition visible from the Naples waterfront in Via Nazario Sauro with the finish line placed at Molosiglio, in the waters in front of the Circolo Canottieri Napoli.

The salient images of the competition will be visible on the facebook page: @telecaprisport.it

All info, from the start, on the social pages of the event:

FACEBOOK: @caprinapolimarathon

TWITTER: caprinapoli54

Stay tuned…

Here the starting list


9th September 2018
Capri-Napoli 53rd edition
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