Italian Championships 25 Km

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June 17, 2018: at Castel Gandolfo the Italian championships were played over the distance of 25 km, the distance that, due to technical characteristics, more resembles the Capri-Naples.

Here are the podiums:
1) Alessio Occhipinti – 5h 08 ’30 “; 2) Edoardo Stochino – 5h 10′ 36″ 1; 3) Andrea Bianchi 5h 10’36 “4

1) Aurora Ponselè – 5h 12 ’38 “; 2) Barbara Pozzobon – 5h 15′ 58″; 3) Alice Franco – 5h 31 ’35 “


Capri-Napoli 13th July

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13 June 2018: exactly one month is missing to the second Capri-Naples. The unofficial competition will take place on July 13th and will follow the first one scheduled on June 29th, for which preparations are underway. The world challenge will follow, which will take place on 9 September.

44 athletes: 42 males and 2 females:

9 athletes: 9 males:

1) Michele Barbuscia (ITA)

2) Jean-Luc Boulanger (FRA)

3) Alfonso De Nicola (ARG)

4) Fernando Espina (ESP)

5) Marco Murari (ITA)

6) Stafano Perta (ITA)

7) Sergio Salomone (ARG)

8 ) Domenico Scaldaferri (ITA)

9) Augusto Starico (ARG)


35 athletes: 33 males and 2 female:

11) I LOVE SWIMMING (RUS) with 3 participants (3 male)

12) CHAVEZ-VARGAS (MEX) with 3 participants (3 male)

13) I KAIMANI DEL MOLOSIGLIO (ITA): with 6 participants (6 male)

14) HONG KONG BEACHWATERPOLO (MIXED): with 6 participants (6 male)

15) ABRACUA CELESTE (ARG): with 6 participants (5 male and 1 female)

16) ABRACUA BLANCO (ARG): with 6 participants (5 male and 1 female)

17) TMA METODO CAPUTO-IPPOLITO (ITA): with 5 participants (5 male)



Capri-Napoli 29 June 2018

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29 May 2018: for the first Capri-Napoli is missing one month exactly. The first unofficial 2018 competition will take place on June 29th and will open the series of competitions at sea. Another unofficial competition will follow on July 13th and the world challenge will be held on September 9th.
This competition, will have a novelty in its arrival, which will be unveiled in the coming days …

37 athletes: 32 males and 5 females:

10 athletes: 8 males and 2 females:
1) Paolo Agrusti (ITA)
2) Antonio Barletta (ITA)
3) Giuliano Berti (ITA)
4) Giovanni Distante (ITA)
5) Daniel Gomez (MEX)
6) Matilde Petruzzi (ITA)
7) Luca Rossini (ITA)
8) Antonio Tinelli (ITA)
9) Ferruccio Veri (ITA)
10) Fabia Maramotti (ITA)

27 athletes – 5 relays – 24 males and 3 females:
11) VIS SAURO NUOTO PESARO (ITA) with 5 participants (5 males)
12) SMOOTHY (AUS) with 4 participants (3 males and 1 female)
13) CIRCOLO NAUTICO POSILLIPO CAPRI-NAPOLI (ITA) with 6 participants (6 males)
14) I FIASSARI (ITA) with 6 participants (6 males)
15) SWJMMEACCA ‘(ITA) with 6 participants (4 males and 2 females)


Capri-Napoli – Guinness marathon 165 km

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May 11, 2018: Also for this year Guinness goal reached !!
Great enthusiasm in the pool for the solidarity event of the opening of Capri-Naples 2018: children swim for children, with many friends of sport and entertainment present to support the project, with the visit also of the Mayor Luigi De Magistris.
But above all a big party for helping to raise funds for the less fortunate children who, thanks to the “Accendiamo una stella for you” association, will have the opportunity to be awarded sports scholarships for the 2018/2019 season.
About 1.000 children in water for a total of 3,303 tanks made, for a total of almost 165 Km. So far, then, the 144 km that had to be swam as four times the distance of the world competition, whose official race is scheduled for the 9 September, while non-competitive races will take place on 29 June and 13 July.


Guinness marathon 2018

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May 9, 2018: Friday May 11, from 9.00 am to 1 pm will be made the 7th edition of the Guinness Marathon.

The joint opening event of the Capri-Napoli in Naples will be realized, at the pool “Scandone”.

The event is open to Neapolitan school and swimming school children.

The children and young people take to the pool and swim, everyone, at least 50 meters, swimming up to a total of 2,880 tanks, for a total of 144 km, fourfold of the distance of the Capri-Napoli, the 36-kilometer swim, the swimmers from around the world will swim in September.

The event is realized to raise funds for the less fortunate children and allow them to play sports in the 2018-2019 season.

In water and present in the pool there will be many sports friends and from the entertainment world.





2018 Capri-Napoli opening event

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April 13, 2018: With the morning’s event at the pool “Scandone” of Naples, has opened the 53rd edition of the Capri-Napoli, scheduled on 9thSeptember.

The solidarity event “Aspettando la Capri-Napoli 2018″, now in its 9th edition, produced in collaboration with the non-profit Association “Accendiamo una stella for you”, was attended by about 100 children.

The initiative involved, among others, some children who have social problems, emotional and cultural, some of whom have approached for the first time to swimming, remaining impressed with great enthusiasm scenes in water.

Next meeting, the sixth edition of “Guinness Marathon children swim for children” on 11 May.



Aspettando la Capri-Napoli 2018

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April 12, 2018: One hundred children in the water to match the feats of the giants of the sea. Back to Friday, April 13 at pool of Naples “Aspettando la maratona Capri-Napoli”, the traditional preview of the swim leg of the FINA Eworld Grand Prix this year scheduled for September 9. Organized by the Capri-Napoli promoters the event, now at the 9th edition, will be attended by delegations students, which will dive into the water to spend a few hours of fun related to the sport, with the aid of swimmers and federal technicians.”As always – say the promoters – the goal is to make an important moment of solidarity gathering, an occasion of rapprochement of the children involved in the world of sports, especially for those children less fortunate.


Capri-Napoli 2018 Elite World Challenge

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9 April 2018: only 5 months to go to Capri-Napoli 2018! Scheduled Sunday, September 9th!

At this link you can find the documents to register for the Elite World Challenge competition!

53rd edition!


Capri-Naples at the Outdoor Expo

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February 22, 2018: Capri-Naples, the historic Gulf crossing, that this year will celebrate the 53rd edition, is vying for the Winning Ideas prize in the Outdoor Expo, scheduled from March 2 to 4 at the Bologna fair.

The winners will be awarded on Friday two March and the success will result from the mix of judgments expressed by a special jury of quality and the vote of the public, who can choose the preferred event until February 27 through the Facebook page Outdoor Expo.

Soon all the info for the vote …


9th September 2018
Capri-Napoli 53rd edition
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