2019 Capri-Napoli opening

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April 1, 2019: With the morning’s event at the pool “Sporting Village Caravaggio” in Naples, has opened the 54th edition of the Capri-Napoli, scheduled on 7th September.

The solidarity event “Aspettando la Capri-Napoli 2019″, now in its 10th edition, produced in collaboration with the non-profit Association “Accendiamo una stella for you”, was attended by about 100 children.

The initiative involved, among others, some children who have social problems, emotional and cultural, some of whom have approached for the first time to swimming, remaining impressed with great enthusiasm scenes in water.

Next meeting, the unofficial competitions on 28 June and 12 July.



Cotena in the Hall of Fame in Melbourne

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10 March 2019: yesterday, in Melbourne, the induction ceremony, class 2019, of the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame was held, which officially announced the entry of Luciano Cotena, President of the Organizing Committee of Capri-Naples since 2003. In other words, , when, after a long 10-year break, the competition was re-created and became again the world’s reference point for the discipline.


Marathon World Series Doha

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17 February 2019: the 10 km season begins, with the first leg of the Marathon Swim World Series in Doha (QAT).




Here the complete results

Here the rankings

Next stop on May 12th at the Seychelles (SEY)


Rosario Marathon

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10 February 2019: the FINA Ultramarathon Swim Series continues with the traditional Rosario Marathon (ARG), which was no longer present in the circuit since 2013.

The second Argentine competition, reaching the 21st edition, was built on the classic distance of 15 km in a circuit to be repeated several times.


MEN: 1) Cassini (ARG); 2) Bertola (ARG); 3) Moreno (ARG)

WOMEN: 1) Biagioli (ARG); 2) Pozzobon (ITA); 3) Arino (ARG)

Here Complete results

Here Ranking

Next stop:  Lac S. Jean – CAN (32 km) on 27 July.

Grand finale with the Capri-Napoli on 7 September.


Santa Fé-Coronda 2019

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03 February 2019: with the traditional Santa Fè-Coronda the 2019 open waters season has officially opened over long distances, also inaugurating the FINA Ultramarathon Swim Series which will end on 7 September with the 54th edition of the Capri-Napoli marathon.

The Argentine competition, now in its 45th edition, expected on the distance of 57 km, due to the height of the river too high, which did not guarantee sufficient security on the entire race course, was held in a 15 km circuit in Santa Fè, in an atypical competition compared to the classic distance that goes up to Coronda.


MEN: 1) Ghettini (ITA); 2) Ercoli (ITA); 3) Stochino (ITA)

WOMEN: 1) Pozzobon (ITA); 2) Geijo (ARG); 3) Imwinkelried (ARG)

Here Complete results

Here Ranking after the first race

Next stop: Rosario – ARG (15 km) on 9 February.


Here comes the FINA Ultramarathon Swim Series 2019

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January 27, 2019: Only one week is left to begin the 2019 edition of the FINA Ultramarathon Swim Series 2019, the long distance swimming season in the world.

It starts from Argentina with the traditional Santa-Fè Coronda (57 km), which reaches the 45th edition and will be held on Sunday 3 February.

Santa Fé-Coronda web site.

Last year Italian double victory of the circuit with Edoardo Stochino and Barbara Pozzobon.

The calendar will then see the following races for 2019:
February 9th, ROSARIO (ARG) – 15 km
July 27th, SEAN JEAN (CAN) – 32 km
August 24th, OHRID (MKD) – 30 km
August 31, NOVI (CRO) – 20 km

Great final with the 54th edition of the CAPRI-NAPOLI marathon (36 km), scheduled for September 7th, which will close the circuit and the long-distance season, which will be preceded by the 2 non-FINA international tests scheduled on June 28 and July 12, already SOLD out for more than a month.

A total of 190 km in 6 races, held amoung South America, North America and Europe and that, for 2019, will see Rosario’s return to the calendar and Novi’s novelty.

FINA web site


Christmas Cup 2018

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December 28th 2018: everything is ready for the second edition of the Christmas Cup, the winter event of the Capri-Napoli scheduled for Sunday, December 30 at CN Posillipo starting at 11.30.

A fun-sporting moment for the promotion and enhancement of the Gulf of Naples and its sea even in winter.

About 100 participants will compete over the distance of 250 meters to decree regional winter champions.

Also, a moment to remember Anna Mazzola, who died during the Christmas holidays. First Italian winner of the Capri-Naples (1957).


Christmas Cup 2018

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10 December 2018: also for 2018, the Capri-Napoli O.C. will realize the second edition of the Christmas Cup.

The event, born last year, will be valid as the Regional Open Water Winter Championship.

It will be realized on December 23 at the Posillipo Nautical Club on the distance of m. 250.

Last year there was great enthusiasm, for an atypical swim in the sea in December that was well received by many masters and elite swimmers.


Capri-Napoli 2019 – registrations closed

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5 December 2018: after the first date, also the second date of the non-competitive Capri-Napoli 2019 is sold out!

The Organizing Committee must therefore close the registrations in advance, of about 2 months, compared to the deadline of January 31st!

The competitions are scheduled on June 28th and July 12th.

In total there will be 100 athletes from 9 nations (Italy, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, Luxembourg, Spain, USA). Divided into SOLO, DOUBLE and RELAYS.

Another great success for this competition, for a 2019 that will reserve again many surprises!


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Capri-Napoli 54th edition
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