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The conference was held to the Maschio Angioino castle in Naples. At the speakers table, in addition to the President of the Organizing Committee Luciano Cotena, also the Councilor for sport of the Municipality of Naples Ciro Borriello, the President of the Campania FIN Paolo Trapanese, the President of CONI Campania Sergio Roncelli and the technical guide of the FFOO Napoli Luca Piscopo, In addition to the CEO of the main sponsor FARMACOSMO, Fabio De Concilio.

Then, all the trophies were presented, starting with the main one, the Farmacosmo trophy, reserved for the winner and the winner of the 2020 edition. Again the best Italian athlete trophy that CONI wanted to call “Giulio Travaglio” and , again, the “Filippo Calvino” trophy for the best young swimmer under 21.

The program is rich and completed with important social and institutional partnerships.

The starting list of the 2020 protagonists was then unveiled, with many super bigs at the start. At the start 15 athletes (9 men and 6 women).

In the water, also Gregorio Paltrinieri, swimming in a relay together with Domenico Acerenza, Martina De Memme and 3 athletes of the Italian Paralympic Swimming Federation

Here the official brochure

Here the starting list

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5th September 2021
Capri-Napoli 56th edition
official competition
68 years: 1954-2021

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