On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the Capri-Naples, it is a pleasure for me to welcome swimmers, coaches, representatives of the federations, judges and all the insiders and those who wanted to support the realization of the 2019 edition of the competition, the 54 ^ overall of this fascinating marathon.

The Capri-Naples marathon continues to grow year after year, both in its elite connotation and for the non-competitive races, which, for 2019, have reached the considerable figure of 111 competitors who, added to about 25 of the absolute competition, bring the number a total of participants of well over 130, belonging to about 15 nations of all 5 continents, which make this event one of the most awaited world events in the entire discipline.

Considering also that, in recent years, the world cup of specialties has had in total, in all the championship races, no more than 70/80 participants, it is understood when this competition is the absolute protagonist.

In the past, the Capri-Napoli marathon was the competition that assigned the title of World Champion on a single race. Today, as then, Naples is the world capital of world swimming in open water and winning here means automatically entering the “hall of the hunger” of this sport, now also included in the Olympic program.

I believe that open wtaer swimming worldwide, especially for long distances, must be refounded, starting from many experiences and challenges realized at the Capri-Naples and that we have proposed worldwide for a new vision of this particular discipline that aims at extreme, compared to the Olympic distance six 10 km, which is certainly a “normal” challenge.

In the coming months, there will certainly be many changes and we will be ready for a change that will help bring the right light to this exciting discipline.

Good luck and that the best win.

Luciano Cotena

( O.C. President )


5th September 2020
Capri-Napoli 55th edition
official competition
67 years: 1954-2020

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