On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the Capri-Naples, it is a pleasure for me to welcome swimmers, companions, representatives of the federations, judges and all the professionals and those who wanted to support the realization of the 2020 edition of the race, the 55 ^ overall of this fascinating marathon.

This year will be even more a special edition. The particular moment we are experiencing forced us to stop and, now, we want to start again and, also through sport and an event of great tradition, we want to bring a positive and hopeful sign.

In this sense, despite the difficulties in organizing an event of this magnitude, this year is even greater, given that it is even more complicated to involve the sponsors who allow it to be held, I really want to thank, in a particular way, those who, instead , did not want to lack their support, despite everything.

FINA has canceled the world circuits for 2020 and, in the world, there have not been and will not be many races. But the Capri-Napoli, on the other hand, will be there and the Italian protagonists and those who have been able to arrive in Italy, will be at the start, to compete for the victory of an event that is, however, like the world final.

I hope that the healthy values โ€‹โ€‹of sport will be a vehicle for returning to normalcy throughout the world as soon as possible.

Good luck and may the best win.

Luciano Cotena

(O.C. President)


5th September 2021
Capri-Napoli 56th edition
official competition
68 years: 1954-2021

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