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he Capri-Naples has always been, since the undertaking of Fioravanti and Alfieri, a great challenge. Even today, those who participate in the race official has a personal challenge: to win, to beat the record in terms of time, the record in terms of wins, beating the record in terms of participation or “just” finish the crossing.
Over the years, however, outside the official competition, many have launched their own challenge to the Capri-Napoli to bring out their own strong message:

6 September 2020: the race of records, the 2020 edition will be remembered as the edition in which a woman: Arianna Bridi (ITA) arrived first at the finish line, beating all men and also the absolute record, setting the clock in 6h 04′ and 26″, improving the women’s record by about 20 minutes and the men’s one by 7 minutes and approaching the 6-hour limit. But, alongside the official competition, another challenge was also created, less evident from a point of view sporty, but of great value from a social point of view: a relay made up of athletes from the Italian swimming team and the Italian Paralympic Swimming Federation who, all together, have united Capri and Naples by swimming, symbolically reducing the distances between swimming and Paralympic swimming. the relay led by the super champion Gregorio Paltrinieri, saw the following descend into the water: Domenico Acerenza, Martina Grimaldi, Simone Ercoli, Giulia Gabbrielleschi, Martina De Memme, Ginevra Taddeuc there and for the FINP Vittorio Abete, Roberto Pasquini and Giuseppe Spatola.

19 September 2018: Gaia Naldini, the former European and world champion, won a double challenge, completing the solo Capri-Napoli with a time of 8h 59 ’20. The one linked to the most beautiful and difficult crossing in the world for the swimmers in open water and the other side for promote a fundraising campaign to donate to the Ieo-Ccm foundation, fundraising linked to an initiative promoted by the European Institute of Oncology.

13 July 2018: for the first time in the world, 5 boys with autism and intellectual disabilities of the TMA method Caputo-Ippolito team, taking part in the Capri-Napoli competition, finishing the test in the third place overall of the relay teams with the time: 8h 53 ’01 “, preceding also other teams of other nations, their message is very strong, reaching a very important social goal, have exceeded their limits and demonstrated to all their potential, they did so to raise awareness on the difficulties that every day families of boys with autism spectrum disorders must overcome.

June 30, 2017: at the unofficial competition, the relay race victory goes to the Vis Sauro Nuoto Pesaro, formed by 5 young girls, whose average age is 14 years. They finish the race in 9h 27 ’12 “improving the time of the” male colleagues “of the previous year.

8 July 2016: to remember Giulio Travaglio, the unofficial Capri-Napoli finish in his hometowh Baia. The victory of the relay competition goes to the Conero Welness formed by five boys, whose average age is 14 years. They finished the test in 9h 28 ’35 “.

6 September 2015: the day of the first competition of coastal rowing by team. The sea canoes cross the Gulf in a show competition that sets the stage for an official competition in subsequent editions.

7 September 2014: the bike & Karina Fassi. The day of the 49th edition included two new challenges. The “rider” Giuseppe Cianti tried and got the first record of bike Capri-Napoli crossing with the kit Shuttle Bike, all Made in Italy, patented by engineer Roberto Siviero, a normal bicycle supported by a floating structure. Final time 4h 58 ‘.
Karina Fassi, however, was born with spina bifida swam the first and the last part of the Capri-Napoli (1 km total). Karina begins to swim at 35, on medical advice, to strengthen his rehabilitation. At first he began to learn to float, then, as a dip. Get to know other people who swim in open water swimming events that begin to motivate and encourage it. From that moment begins to make swimming every day and her rehabilitation become  training, to realize her dream of swimming at the Capri-Napoli in 2014.

July 4, 2014: The first Paralympic relay ( Vittorio Abete, Antonio Boccia, Gianluca Cacciamano, Enrico Giacomin, Roberto Pasquini, coach Enzo Allocco ) of the FINP (Italian Swimming Federation Paralympic) attending the unofficial competition. “The magic 5″ won the relay competition reaching the finish line first, with a time of 7h 51 ’22 “.

July 8, 2013: theitalianjob2013: From Capri to Naples to swim, then immediately a bike at a time of Britain to London carrying 42.195 km race. It is the special effort from the Guinness Book of two professional and recreational English, Hamish Allan Alexander and Kit. The project, called “The Italian Job”, was created to raise funds for the British soldiers seriously wounded in combat missions in the world. A project that has expanded to arrive at what will start Monday, July 8 at the Lido di Capri The Ondine: the first test more attractive on the world of swimming background, so a tour of Europe by bicycle from Naples on the outskirts of London until the final marathon. All this in less than 14 days.

June 27, 2013: The first amateur Capri-Napoli, given the many requests for participation from enthusiasts of discipline and race, a race dedicated to amateurs into two categories: SOLO and RELAYS with 7 SOLO swimmers and 5 RELAYS with a total of 35 partipant swimmers from 7 Countries.

June 17, 2012: The first amateur relays, with the example given in 2011 by athletes “champions” have tried and also finished second relay of masters athletes: “La Vedetta Campana” with Enrico Adamo, Espedito Accardo, Salvatore Iengo and Alessandro Rivellini. And “W I Briganti del Sud” with Francesco Labruna, Bruno Bellacchino, Manuela De Vivo and Vincenzo Moriello. Target achieved for both relays that have covered the entire voyage in about 8h. Even the master, relay, can finish the grueling Capri-Naples.

June 19, 2011: The first relay in water swimmers athletes accustomed to deal with the pool and short distances: four athletes from Campania led by Francesco Vespe, to fulfill the 36 km with changes of about two kilometers. Vespe have agreed with the particular challenge of the Gulf: Lucio Spadaro, Alessio Adamo e Alessio Sigillo. Target achieved by covering the 36 km in approximately 5 hours and 30 ‘. Even people used to swim and win in pools of 25 and 50 meters can swim the Capri-Naples.

September 4, 2010: Monica Priore, swims and ends the Capri-Meta di Sorrento in about 7 hours.
At 5 years, diagnosed with diabetes mellitus type I. Choose sport as a tool for communication and, swimming, begins to show that even down in the tub with your diabetes can compete and win, without fear that your blood glucose may affect performance.
Among the goals it has prefitta groped in this endeavor are to give courage and hope to all who live badly his diabetic condition and to unite into one big party with diabetes, diabetologists, nurses, associations and anyone other soldiers, for one reason or another, in the healthcare industry because, as often reiterates. “Unity is strength, and all together against diabetes some results you bring home.”

June 27, 2010: Marco Murari, athlete master Italian but living in Mexico for work, try crossing swimming Capri-Naples. Objective failed for a while, but centered in 2011 and 2012 when the Capri-Napoli swim in approximately 9 am and 30 ‘and in about 8h and 40′. Objective achieved, an athlete master solo swims the Capri-Napoli approaching the time of the agonists and ending with the crossing times in the distant past would guarantee the overall win.
June 27, 2010: Dario Oliviero, 2010 is the year of the first crossing of windsurfing. Goal reached in just over three hours, despite some moments of absolute lack of wind.

July 5, 2008: Salvatore Cimmino, swim and ends the Capri-Napoli in 10h 22 ‘and 28. He will do and finish the trip in 2009 too.
At only 15 years Salvatore was hit by a terrible osteosarcoma, for his life is forced amputation of the leg at mid-thigh. At the age of 41 years, after numerous physiological problems, under medical advice Salvatore begins to swim, had never been in the water before then!
Eight months later, on July 15 of 2006 makes its first crossing without the aid of prosthetic performance, Capri / Sorrento 22 km. Soon after he began his “swimming strike” to draw attention to the problems of the world of disability. In 2007 organized the “TOUR of ITALY A SWIMMING” In 2008 he took part in the solitary “Capri – Torre Annunziata” and then to “Capri – Naples”. Follow the “TOUR OF EUROPE SWIM” and, most recently, “A SWIMMING WORLD TOUR” with “only” the end of the creation of a platform of interest about the problems for civil, with particular reference to problems that now affect amputees.

August 29-September 3, 2006: thanks to the popularity and the historicity of the Capri-Napoli, the city of Naples host the fourth edition of the FINA open water swimming championships. The event takes place on the seafront of Naples and the in the backgroung another show with Vesuvius, the Sorrentine Peninsula, Capri and Posillipo.

July 2, 2005: Daniele Scarpa, the Olympic champion in Atlanta 1996, faces and ends crossing Capri-Naples in 3h 05 ‘and 34 “with a Polynesian canoe, canoe better suited to deal with the open sea. His goal, to make know a discipline much more precisely known in Polynesia and Hawaii, starting with a solid and successful traditions of Italian canoe.

July 10, 2004: Casimiro Monti, faces and ends the first crossing of Capri-Naples canoe. The Environment Deputy in the City of Naples launches its challenge to the crossing to enhance the theme of environment and to bring attention to the Bay of Naples.

August 24, 2003: Imma Cerasuolo, Paralympic athlete, swim the final stretch of the Capri-Napoli (about 1 km). On 2004 won Olympic medals in the Paralympics games in Athens.


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