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The finish, for the elite competition, of 2019, foresees the arrival, at the Circolo Canottieri Napoli.

For non-competitive races scheduled on 28 June and 12 July, however, the arrival is scheduled at CN Posillipo on 13 July.
The route of the athletes, in total 36 km, will be divided into two parts: the first free, which the competitors can interpret at their discretion, also in relation to the important factor constituted by marine currents. This part reaches almost the same time as Castel dell’Ovo, from this point the second part will begin, with an obligatory path, delimited by specific buoys, to be left to the right, and then find a final straight stretch of about five hundred meters up to the I arrive immediately before the Molosiglio cliff.

The right course

The experience gained during several years in the Capri-Naples stretch first as a swimmer, then as an accompanist, has taught me that the routes are known subordinated to the sea conditions and, in particular, the psycho-physical characteristics of the athlete marathon runner. The four routes to choose from are essentially:

  1. Marina Grande – Procida – Cape Misenum – Naples Following this course you count the arrival of the mistral in the early afternoon, hoping to swim with the tide in favor of the athlete when physical strength begin to decline. You try when the swimmer is not high-value competitive;
  2. Marina Grande – point of intersection of Capri – Castellammare – San Giovanni – Naples This route allows you to swim with the tide in favor in the early hours of the race, but it requires a significant commitment after 8-9 miles when you have to cross to cross the Gulf . Preferred route with a swimmer slow start (race in progress);
  3. Marina Grande – Castel dell ‘Ovo It0s the route straight from Capri to Naples. The most insidious, because it can present unexpected obstacles, caused by the currents and / or winds. In flat sea, is the easier route and is still the shortest. You try with high-level competitive swimmers potentially capable of victory;
  4. Marina Grande – Cape Posillipo – Via Caracciolo With this route you can take advantage of the current favorable am, but then puts a strain on the athlete in the second half of the race.

Finally, a few times, but luck plays its part and when you win every tactic becomes that good.

Giulio Travaglio



5th September 2021
Capri-Napoli 56th edition
official competition
68 years: 1954-2021

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